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My Family Tribe!

Harriet cropped
Kids Co.’s tuition assistance has been a life-saver for my children and me. I’m a single mom who works full-time, makes middle class wages, and still have difficulty making ends meet. After some simple calculations I can safely say that between the costs of childcare combined with paying ordinary household bills I cannot make ends meet! To top this off, over the past 6 months my little tribe has been imbued with thousands of dollars in medical bills–a very unexpected and untimely expense. Kids Co. came to the rescue and helped me determine a tuition payment that I can make without having to choose what bill “not” to pay.

As for my daughter Harriet (and her brother), she loves Kids Co. and makes new friends, with both the staff and other kids, every day. She’s a rambunctious little squirt that relishes games, music, dance, and a good story. Kids Co. gives her all of these things plus much more. I know my kids are well taken care of while I go to work.

Thank you Kids Co. and to every Virtual BBQ Donor! You make a huge difference to my little tribe’s livelihood.

Warmest of regards,


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